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Thomas Bosch Evolutionary Developmental Biologist

Thomas Bosch‘s research explores the intricate interactions within metaorganisms in a simple model system, the non-senescent cnidarian Hydra. Cnidarians represent a key transition in the evolution of animal complexity, and are therefore critical to understand not only the origins of developmental mechanisms and their role in more complex organisms including humans but also the impact of environmental factors such as microbial interactions on host performance.


• Doctor „honoris causa“

Relevant Publications

• Gilbert SF, TCG Bosch, C Ledón-Rettig (2015) Eco-Evo-Devo: developmental symbiosis and developmental plasticity as evolutionary agents. Nature Reviews Genetics, 16(10):611-22

• TCG Bosch, "Rethinking the role of immunity: lessons from Hydra." Trends in Immunology, Volume 35, Issue 10, pp. 495–502, 2014

• TCG Bosch "Cnidarian-Microbe Interactions and the Origin of Innate Immunity in Metazoans." Ann Rev Microbiol, Vol 67, pp. 499-518, 2013.

• TC Bosch G & M McFall-Ngai, "Metaorganisms as the new frontier." Zoology, Vol 114, pp.185–190, 2011

• S. Franzenburg, et al., "Distinct antimicrobial tissue activity shapes host species-specific bacterial associations." Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110(39):E3730-8, 2013



Senior Fellow Humans & the Microbiome


Kiel UniversityZoological Institute


PhD (Natural Sciences) University of Munich

BSc (Biology) University of Munich



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