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Photo of Thomas Cavalier-Smith

Thomas Cavalier-Smith Evolutionary biology

Thomas Cavalier-Smith’s research focuses on the evolution, ecology and biogeography of amoeboid and flagellate free-living Protozoa using cell culturing, DNA sequencing, phylogenetic analysis, bioinformatics and light and electron microscopy. His theoretical interests range from the origin of cells and their diversification to make the major bacterial and eukaryotic groups, to protein-targeting mechanisms in secondary symbiogenesis.


Linnean Society Medal for Zoology, 2007.

International Prize for Biology from the Emperor of Japan, 2004.

Fellow, Royal Society of London, 1998.

Relevant Publications

T. Cavalier-Smith, "The phagotrophic origin of eukaryotes and phylogenetic classification of Protozoa," Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. vol. 52, pp. 297-354, Mar. 2002.

T. Cavalier-Smith, "The origin of nuclei and of eukaryote cells," Nature. vol. 256, pp. 463-468, Aug. 1975.



Advisor Integrated Microbial Biodiversity


University of OxfordDepartment of Zoology


PhD (Biophysics) Kings College London

MA Cambridge University


United Kingdom

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