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Photo of Timothy R. Hughes

Timothy R. Hughes Molecular geneticist

Timothy Hughes’ laboratory has the fundamental goal of understanding how the genome is deciphered by cells, in human and other organisms. Often described as a “blueprint”, the genome is in fact a highly encoded instruction set – there is no simple mapping between the genome and the organism, and this shortcoming means that the function of the vast majority of the human genome is incomprehensible to us. As a first step, Hughes is decoding the sequences that are recognized by the thousands of proteins that bind DNA and RNA, and regulate gene activity, and using these data to build computational models of global gene regulation. A long-term goal of his research is to enable meaningful interpretation of human sequence variation and mutations, and to enable targeted modulation of cellular processes that are altered in disease.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Research Scholars Award, 2006.

Terry Fox Young Investigator Award, 2005.

Tier II Canada Research Chair in Genome Biology, 2002-2012.

Premier's Research Excellence Award, 2001.

Relevant Publications

N.J. Krogan et al, "Global landscape of protein complexes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae," Nature, vol. 440, no. 7084, pp. 637-643, 2006.



Senior Fellow Genetic Networks


University of TorontoDonnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research


PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology) Baylor College of Medicine



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