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Wolfgang Baumeister

Wolfgang Baumeister studies the structure and function of molecular machines, particularly the interactions between molecules involved in protein quality control. His research interests also include the development of electron cryotomography for in situ structural studies, and its application in studies of ribosomal supercomplexes, the cytoskeleton and synaptic structures.


Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Palladin Medal, 2014.

Co-recipient of the ERC Synergy Grant, 2013.

Medal of the City of Padua, Italy, 2011.

Elected Foreign Associate of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 2010.

International Federation of Microscopy Societies J. M. Crowley Medal, 2010.

Relevant Publications

J. B. Woodruff et al, "Regulated assembly of a supramolecular centrosome scaffold in vitro," Science, vol. 348, no. 6236, pp. 808-812, May 2015.

S. Asano et al, "A molecular census of 26S proteasomes in intact neurons," Science, vol. 347, no. 6220, pp. 438-442, Jan. 2015.

G. R. Pathare et al, "Crystal structure of the proteasomal deubiquitylation module Rpn8-Rpn11," PNAS, vol. 111, no. 8, pp. 2984-2989, Feb. 2014.

P. Unverdorben et al, "Deep classification of a large cryo-EM dataset defines the conformational landscape of the 26S proteasome," PNAS, vol. 111, no. 15, pp. 5544-5549, Apr. 2014.



Senior Fellow Molecular Architecture of Life


Max Planck Institute of BiochemistryDepartment of Molecular Structural Biology


PhD University of Düsseldorf

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Münster and Bonn University



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