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Photo of Yair Weiss

Yair Weiss Computer sciences – Artificial Intelligence (expert systems - machine learning - robotics)

Yair Weiss’ primary research interests include human and machine vision, machine learning and error correcting codes. His thesis investigated how humans and computers estimate motion in scenes with multiple moving objects. Humans perform this task easily, but computer vision struggles with it. Weiss suggested that a single computational strategy optimal under certain assumptions might underlie human motion perception, and presented an algorithm based on these assumptions.


Michael Bruno Memorial Award, 2009.

Best Paper Award. Uncertainty in Artificial Intellgience, UAI, 2008.

Area Chair, NIPS, 1998.

Relevant Publications

E. Mezuman et al, "Tighter Linear Program Relaxations for High Order Graphical Models," UAI, 2013



Senior Fellow Learning in Machines & Brains


The Hebrew University of JerusalemSchool of Computer Science and Engineering



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