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Photo of Yoshua Bengio

Yoshua Bengio Computer sciences – Artificial Intelligence (machine learning)

Yoshua Bengio’s current interests include fundamental questions on deep learning, the geometry of generalization in high-dimensional spaces, biologically inspired learning algorithms, and challenging applications of statistical machine learning in artificial intelligence tasks.


Recipient of the Urgel-Archambault prize, 2009.

Action Editor of the Journal of Machine Learning Research and of the Neural Computation journal

Founder and director of the Institut de Montréal des Algorithmes d'Apprentissage

Canada Research Chair on Statistical Learning Algorithms

Relevant Publications

G. Alain and Y. Bengio, "What Regularized Auto-Encoders Learn from the Data-Generating Distribution," J. Mach. Learn. Res., vol. 15, pp. 3563-3593, Nov. 2014.

Y. LeCun et al, " Deep Learning," Nature. vol. 521, pp. 436-444, 2015.

Y. Bengio, "Learning Deep Architectures for {AI}", Foundations & Trends in Mach. Learn., vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 1-127, 2009.

Y. Bengio et al, "Greedy Layer-Wise Training of Deep Networks" in "NIPS'2006", 2007.



Program Co-Director Learning in Machines & Brains

Senior Fellow Learning in Machines & Brains


Université de MontréalDepartment of Computer Science and Operations Research


PhD (Computer Science) McGill University

M.Eng. (Computer Science) McGill University

B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) McGill University



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