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Health & Well-being

In the 21st century, health and human well-being are facing challenges and transformative opportunities that will require leaders in the field to stay at the forefront of knowledge and to collaborate across sectors.

Revolutionary new technologies are revealing how our health is shaped by genetic variation, the molecular workings inside our cells, and even the microorganisms that share our bodies, all while facilitating a move towards a greater focus on personalization and prevention in healthcare. At the same time, improved understanding of the social determinants of health, including poverty, inequality and early childhood experiences, are highlighting the importance of creating environments that support healthy development and sustain well-being across the lifespan.

CIFAR works with a diverse range of health-related communities to connect them to the latest research advances and insights emerging from our research programs.

To advance knowledge and drive improvements in the health and well-being of populations around the world.

CIFAR Fellows + leaders in research, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, clinical medicine, public health, international development and civil society.

Intimate, invitation-only, cross-sectoral conversations that are tailored to foster exchange of relevant and timely knowledge and ideas across research and practice.

Impact in Progress at CIFAR

Humans & the Microbiome
Working with public health leaders, CIFAR is exploring how microbiome research can inform the development of public health programs, practices and policies.

Genetic Networks
Working with clinical experts and industry leaders, CIFAR is leveraging data from public and commercial genomics projects to better characterize and understand the function of genetic variants.

Molecular Architecture of Life
With pharmaceutical, diagnostic and scientific instrument industry leaders, CIFAR is exploring opportunities to create a dynamic molecular map of human cells to form biological understanding and drug discovery.

Child & Brain Development
With international development leaders, front-line childhood development workers and humanitarian NGOs, CIFAR is exploring how early life experiences and neuroscience research can inform adversity intervention programs.