Illustration of microscope over petri dish and computer chip

Industry & Technology

Industry is undergoing significant change with disruptive technologies, globalization and the rapid pace of emerging ideas. Technological integration creates novel opportunities for industry to explore aspects of biological, chemical and physical diversity that cannot be accessed through current mechanisms.

Researchers within CIFAR programs are developing and commercializing novel materials for energy storage; understanding the molecular processes that make life possible; untangling the details of complex genetic interactions which underlie disease; using technological advances to grapple with the fundamentals of consciousness and its relation to biology; and, shaping the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into our everyday lives.

CIFAR brings researchers and leaders together to advance knowledge and understanding, and create opportunities for technological innovation.

To advance and create opportunities for technological innovation.

CIFAR Fellows and global leaders in industrial and technological research & development, government and public institutions.

Intimate invitation-only cross-sectoral conversations that are tailored to foster exchange of relevant and timely knowledge and ideas across research and practice.

Impact in Progress at CIFAR

Molecular Architecture of Life
With pharmaceutical, diagnostic and scientific instrument industry leaders, CIFAR is exploring opportunities to create a dynamic molecular map of human cells to form biological understanding and drug discovery.

Bio-inspired Solar Energy
Alongside industry and government laboratories, we are developing highly efficient carbon dioxide electroreduction mechanisms to help mitigate climate change.

Azrieli Brain, Mind & Consciousness
Working with leaders in the virtual reality industry, we are informing the development of immersive experiences and exploring the intersection of VR, neurotechnology and brain research.

Genetic Networks
Working with clinical experts and industry leaders, we are leveraging data from public and commercial genomics projects and collaborating on functionally characterizing genetic variants.

Learning in Machines & Brains
With industry and experts in policy and law, we are addressing complex ethical issues in the implementation of AI.